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کتاب راهنمای کامل و عملی کسب درآمد و موفقیت شغلی_بزودی

کتاب راهنمای کامل و عملی کسب درآمد و موفقیت شغلی_بزودی

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How to find your career goals اهداف شغلی خود را چگونه پیدا کنیم؟

How to find your career goals اهداف شغلی خود را چگونه پیدا کنیم؟

People who spend more hours a week at his workplace. Needless to say that job satisfaction is important in life and the human spirit. If you can create your own career goals, enjoy working in all circumstances.


1. Communicate with your everyday experiences

The goal is to have a great first impression is wrong, to the extent that even he could move the world.

not at all! The goal is very simple moments of life can be found.

When without having to door to help out, you open to anyone. When sincerely and not just for truancy, with a colleague to greet you, because you really care about him. But do not stress when deep breath of air in the lungs and airway Tnfsytan feel mess up.

The aim is influenced as much as external factors, the fabric is also going on within you. As soon as you decide to connect with the everyday experiences of purpose in your life will flow.

2. Things that give you energy, know

Therein lies the concept is not a goal, not a real goal.

When you know what you really care about and which features of yourself, those around and everything else in this world, most of all you are worth, you can Aradhtan for any action or behavior based on what is truly important to you boost and purposeful life in the work feel.

For example, if you care about helping others, looking for ways that you can contribute to the band, the more of what the customer expects her manager services or participate in your local charity. If you care cheerful; in Mhlkartan with a smile now and with humor, smile, give gifts to others. Or, if you care to expand your relationships with those around further communicate and talk with them about different topics, to be more motivated.

This personal values, aspirations, imagination or is not an empty promise, but a solid and efficient tools to create targeted considered.


writer: F.Daneshvar

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Good luck and bad luck خوش شانسی یا بدشانسی

Good luck and bad luck خوش شانسی یا بدشانسی

Psychologist Richard Wiseman has done a survey of lucky and unlucky And to the surprise of some sort to the conclusion that really get lucky while on others the reverse is true.For example, someone faced with another person for the right job gains and another is hit several times with the wrong people are involved in abusive relationships.Wiseman, in his research, trying to understand it really is a game of chanceanother benefit comes at the expense of one or the other reason is that chance.

After an investigation found that four people lucky principle applies:

1. Character and luck

Lucky people the chance to create their own opportunities to create.

Wiseman says can be created chances. Because the same attitude as they make calls that will change their lives. There are at least more likely that they will earn with these contacts suitable work opportunities.

It may take into account the people's affable. But in fact this is one of the lucky ones who know the characteristics of relationships and contacts with people is very important.

The Wiseman concludes: ". Only 90 percent of success in life depends on your people and yourself to be present among others. "


2-intuition and luck

Most people are lucky relationship with the subconscious mind better than unlucky people. In fact, they rely on their intuition.

This intuition in a stable and happy marriage or good jobs or inappropriate affect. But people who consider themselves unlucky to ignore your intuition.

The lucky ones will strengthen your intuition. They do this by meditation and reflection, meditation or prayer actively doing.

3-expectations and realities

Human life correspond with their expectations.

People who consider themselves lucky accustomed to wherever they want in life. They deserve every good thing they know and realize they have some control. But unfortunate people die and they do not believe themselves to events at decent living are a lot of openings.

On the other hand lucky people persevere to achieve their goals while people who consider themselves unlucky to be stopped by hitting the first hurdle. Lucky people to believe in their abilities and think positive.

4. Not the same thing that happens

People who consider themselves lucky that explanation.

For example, Wiseman asked his subjects if he robbed banks, and the arm bar will eat what it feels like. This is the explanation.

Richard Wiseman after 8 years of research concludes that people are not born lucky. Ways to chance can be learned and followed. If the 4 main Wiseman advises and follow the above mentioned, we can increase the amount of luck in life.

Summary loosely Top 50 books in the field of success, the effect of Tom Butler. Sadeq Khosronejad translations. Edit A.Mobasher. Press Rashin

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Experts view نظر کارشناسان

Experts view نظر کارشناسان

Kit Northrop author of the book "Money, Love Story" believes some people want to make more money because of the hassles that they incur to get so many people, especially women, are women better financial management always have extra spending money obsession. But besides all this money can be stressful art should be taught the proper use of money, maybe a lot of people still do not know how to spend money.

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